Conservation of Marine Species

Why Help Endangered Marine Species?

The oceans were once seen as a near limitless source of resources; A fallacy that has led to the abuse of its limited resources. Conservation of the ocean is a pressing environmental concern: one of the largest carbon sinks on the planet human activities are pushing the ocean to the limit of it's capacity and soon it may no longer be able to keep up. Furthermore the arrival of plastics into the ocean as well as other man made products pose a hazard to marine life. 50% of the world's species are housed in the ocean, which provides 20% of dietary protein consumed by humans. The ocean and it's species are invaluable, leading to employment, sources of food, medicine and great cultural significance the oceans are vital to preserve.

Vulnerable Species

The difference between categories

Certain animals are more in risk of extinction than others. The different categories underneath seperate those animals from eachother. Some are more threathened by others. Here are some sea animals ranging from critically risk to at risk of being endangered.

Criticaly Endangered Species

Endangered Species



What Can We Do?

Help from Home

  1. Shop Smart
    • Reduce purchase of plastic packaged products.
    • Choose pole and line caught fish if you are going to eat yellowfin tuna or albacore tuna
    • Suport sustainable fisheries.
    • Reduce the use of toxic chemicals.
  2. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
    • Help reduce vehicle polution.
    • Conserve water.
    • Reduce household waste.
    • Use less energy.
  3. Leave No Trace
    • Leave only footprints take only photographs.
    • When visiting another country, make sure to respect the zones fo conservation such as the Galapagos.
    • Always collect all your waste when out in nature.
    • Respect Wildlife Habtat
  4. Volunteer
    • Help out at protests.
    • Organize or attend beach cleanings.

Not a broke College Student?
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